I’ve been told many times I should write…well anything. Blogs, a book, the nonsense that falls out of my mouth before my brain catches it. So I’m giving it a shot. Most of this will be very random I think, depending on the day, how I feel, what I did…etc

I’m 29. I have no kids. I have 2 cats, Doodles who is a flame point Siamese that I adopted from a shelter and Farnsworth who is a Bengal that I got from a breeder.

I have Fibromyalgia which is quite sucky. Luckily I have a good doctor and a good group of people who support me through the bad days. And I’m happy to be here for and talk to anyone else who is having a foggy, flare filled fibro day as well.

I have lived a lot of different places. Some for very short periods of time, but Texas is my home and always will be.

In the last four years I have moved from Austin Texas, to Gimli/Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, and now I’m in Iowa. South…North…now I’m in the middle and while I miss Texas I am happy right here in the middle.


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